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A great video for a great son. Many animators you got there. Anyway, I loved it. It's one of my favorite bands from this decade.

FlashShark responds:

Collabs tend to have many animators yes. Thanks!

This is great

It's really funny, it reminds me of something that happened to me a while back, except the two guys making fun of me weren't as obnoxious, and they weren't making fun of me for my groceries, they were making fun of the fact that I was going to a school dance with another guy. And I'm not gay, so...
Anyway the animation is great save for a few things, like the few areas of clipping and distortion in the audio, which doesn't effect my rating at all. The main negative is the art. It's not terrible, but it's not great. It's really average, but that's also fine, because the video is still funny as hell and long. My favorite part is how realistically they talk to each other, almost like you can tell when they are thinking of what to say, they don't just have it on hand. I like the fast pace of the dialog, it generally makes the flash. xD

Skaijo responds:

I actually made this thinking in particular about this one guy who gives me a hard time at a local publix. He's weird and old and clearly doesn't have A-class taste in women but it was truely creepy. Still, this one is for that dude. Wherever bridge he's under now...


This is a terrible video. But what is the deal with Kevin Bacon? I just want to know and no one will explain. I have been on Newgrounds for 6 years of my life and I don't get it. Everyone is acting like an asshole, please will someone explain?

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Amazing game!

I very unique experience, that happens to be all to familiar. And I don't mean this in a bad way. Cat Astro Phi reminds me of all the good times I had on the original gameboy. Nostalgia may play an important part in why many like this game, but nevertheless it's an amazing experience. The theme is essential. The plot, visuals, and music, all fit with the feeling the game tries, and succeeds, in giving off. The difficulty MAY be an issue for some, if not most. Honestly, without it, the game itself wouldn't be that great. But the last thing I want to say is... THE MUSIC! This game houses an amazing soundtrack, which I love, mostly because it's chiptune, but also because it really was written well. Simple as that. Without the music, this game wouldn't nearly be as great as it is, similar to the way other retro-style games are. Keep up the good work! :D

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Tower of Heaven

I wrote a giant review about this game, but I accidentally closed my window, causing all my hard work to be wasted. It essentially said all the parts of the game fit together well, yet the new features didn't make up for an old idea just ported to flash. The graphics, music, sfx, and gameplay work great together, but the constant neverending chain of deaths will irritate most casual players, and some hardcore players like me.
All in all, an indie platforming classic that can't be missed.

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A fun quick game. Great style, love the art, and the music fits perfectly. There is a bug at the beginning with the jumping but, whatever.

Walkthrough, 12 apostles:

1. Jump over pit, then WAIT. Wait until the devil is completely gone.
2. Press space
3. Press space
4. Once again, press space.
5. Go through water by repeatedly pressing space, then...
6. Hit
7. the
8. block
9. Then...
10. Press space
11. to cure
12. these 3 guys.

Have fun!

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You are very right, that is pretty damn close to the original. The bass is a bit different, and there are a few sounds you are missing. But other than that, pretty freaking great, I'd say! :D
P.s. we need to hang out.

darcdebo responds:

:D thanks. yes we do.

Go IGN! :D

Very awesome, heard it on the IGN Beyond Podcast and had to come over here to check it out.
I have a thing for unique rhythms and chord progressions, so I really dig this. The intense ambience is shown through the dissonance, which at sometimes can be beyond repair. HOWEVER, if a few of the background chords played were fixed, that would really give this song an amazing feel. The transitions could also use a bit of work, perhaps more blending fills.
Either way, great job! :3


I feel so loved! :3

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